How to Land in Fashion Design Careers

Some of the most lucrative careers these days are fashion design careers. It is undeniable that fashion designers are integral in the fashion industry. They are creative people who envision style and bring it to completion. They know what will sell and what will become trendy. They produce designs suitable for people of various statuses. They also help the economy flourish by producing fashionable merchandise for export. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the United States, these designers help create millions of clothing, bags, and accessories that are bought every year by consumers. However, if you want to become a professional fashion designer, you will need more than just creativity.

It is true that talent and creativity are vital factors in fashion design. A lot of designers actually became successful because they are talented and creative even if they did not have formal education. But times are different nowadays. Before you become a professional fashion designer, you need to have finished at least a 2-year degree in a school accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. You must also have completed courses in fashion history, sewing, coloring, and CAD or computer-aided design. In addition, you must have sufficient knowledge in production, merchandising costs, and distribution. You must be familiar with ornamentations, textiles, vogue, and fabrics, as well.

Of course, experience is another essential factor. Clients usually prefer to be handled by fashion designers with years of experience instead of novices in the industry. Designers who have undergone trainings and internships in international fashion centers, particularly Paris, Milan, and Tokyo, also have more advantage over the others. Then, you need to build a portfolio. Every designer who aspires to have her work showcased needs to have a solid portfolio. Even if we now live in a modern world where digital designs rule, manual sketches still remain appreciated. Moreover, you need time management skills. Fashion design careers also involve critical thinking, operations analysis, comprehension, oral expression, and coordination. If you have all these abilities coupled with originality and vision, you will be sure to have a fruitful career in the industry.

Choosing the Best Fashion School for You

The word “best” is always relative. What’s best for you may not be the best for others. This is the reason why you should not trust a business that claims to be the best. You need to compare various fashion schools in order to actually find the best one for you. In comparing fashion schools, however, you are going to need some standards. Here are some standards you can use:

1) Cost – some people think that the best fashion schools are the most expensive ones. These people think that just because education is expensive, it is also high quality. What you need to know is that studying fashion is not cheap. However, it doesn’t really need to be ridiculously expensive. Some schools just want to appear exclusive in order to attract more students. They pretend to be the best fashion schools by charging outrageous fees to those who wish to be students.

Because of this, you should understand that cost is not the best standard to use in judging quality.

2) Location – there are people who think that attending the best fashion school means going to Europe. They believe that in order for a fashion school to be among the best, it should be located as far away from their hometown as possible. There are some positives to this view. Schools located in fashion centers tend to be more aggressive in their education. They also tend to be more updated on the world of fashion. If this is the sort of school you think is best for you then go attend it.

You need to remember, however, that some things require a lot of sacrifice.

3) Prestige – some people think that the best fashion schools are the ones that get featured in magazines and the television. They believe that attending such schools would rub a little of the prestige of onto them. People believe that the best fashion schools are the most well-known ones. However, you need to remember that sometimes, the best fashion schools like to keep quiet about their greatness. All the magazines in the world could not compare to the testimonials of other people. It is often the case that the best fashion schools do not get known through the papers, but through the words of their students.

4) Instructors – some think that the best fashion schools are the ones which hire famous personalities as instructors. In fact, they may have a point. People in the fashion industry do not get famous if nobody likes their work. However, there is one drawback to this: people in the fashion industry are almost always competing against each other. This competition can be very distracting and may hinder the learning process.

5) The alumni – there are also people who think that the best fashion schools are the ones attended by successful personalities. They believe that the past will be the guide of people to face the future. Because of this, people often seek out the schools of well known fashion personalities and set out to fulfill their dreams.

Become a Fashion Designer With These Basic Steps

Becoming a fashion designer is a creative journey in uncovering the student’s likes and dislikes. Styles and fads come and go and then come around again. This is true of the fashion design industry also, particularly so! The industry is often influenced by the entertainment industry (television, movies, music, etc.) For example, “That 70′s Show” gave hippie fashion a new comeback chic. This is true of other movies as well. A great example of this would be “Pirates of the Caribbean” that brought about a huge influx of skull and cross bones designs. The typical pirate symbol, more related to a gothic or punk style, became mainstream after the debut of the movies.

This pop culture influence inspires mass market designers. However, couture fashion designers strive to be the source of the inspiration rather than an imitator. The difference between this can be found in the training of the merchandiser versus the designer. Many aspiring fashion designers choose to go into fashion merchandising. However, these two fields require slightly different curriculum. One will focus on sales, marketing, and business where as the other–fashion design–will focus on creativity and imagination in bringing ideas and concepts to life.

Following middle school, students can choose college preparation courses to direct their educational tracks to their own possible careers. For a student wishing to take the path of a designer of any type, art classes are essential to building the basic knowledge and core concepts that they will use.

High school courses should be selected to assist in building a professional portfolio to show to potential design colleges. By starting their educational planning very early, it is possible for students to make the most of their high school years by focusing on extracurricular activities that will add spice to their college applications. For example, potential fashion designers can take classes not only in art but also specialized math and computer classes, multimedia classes, and drama activities that will allow them to explore different aspects of the fashion world. Some high schools even offer classes in small business ownership or entrepreneurial skills.

For students who end up at the college level and wish to break in to the fashion design industry, it is never too late. Courses in drawing, painting, life drawing, and silkscreen, and color theory, fashion and art history are some of the beginning requirements for any fashion design student. Advanced students of fashion design will continue with patternmaking, sewing basics, advanced sewing techniques, and digital designing.

It is crucial for a fashion design student to have access to this type of basic curriculum in college in order to prepare for the true test of their abilities: their internship. Once the student has taken the basic and advanced courses, it is time for them to specialize in some aspect of the fashion industry. When people think of fashion, they think of runway shows and couture collections. There are fashion centers throughout the world, but most people tend to consider New York City the center of all fashion design. If the college student did not choose a college near a fashion design center, it may be possible for them to choose an internship located in that area. Some other possible internship locations would be Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, and other metropolitan areas.

The best source of internship possibilities will be the college faculty and guidance counselors. It is important to do your homework by researching potential internships; but, they can definitely guide the student to someone that they may not have considered.

The fashion world has its niches. Every designer starts somewhere. They do not just graduate from college and poof have their own design house and their own collections. They were mentored by someone in the business. Some of them were self taught and did not have the opportunity to study in a college environment but learned in the school of hard knocks. Whatever the case, if there is a desire to learn the fashion design business, then there is a way to do it.

Consider working at a place that does alterations or tailoring to build up sewing skills. Consider designing your own clothes. Think of functionality, practicality, body type, personal statements, coloring and fabric choice. Study the masters–who is on the edge of fashion now that you want to emulate? Why do you like their style? What IS your style?

The Influence of Geographical Position For Five Big Fashion Centers

The formation of five big fashion centers benefits from respective unique geographical position. Unique geographical position makes these five cities blend with the advantages of every country and culture. Therefore, they can create unfailing fashion. Now let me tell you more about that.

The first is Paris. Paris is the biggest city in France and Europe. It is a tourist city as well as the traffic hinge in Europe. What is more, Paris is the biggest inner harbor and shipping center in France. There are many museums, libraries, music halls, theatres and cinemas there. In a word, there are many art treasures you will not get tired with this city. It will not let your eyes feel lonely. It is because of this special geographical position Paris becomes one of five big fashion centers in the world.

The second is New York. New York is the first big city as well as industrial center in America. Trade and industry support the development of financial industry and business. Manhattan is the most prosperous central district. To the south of it is Wall Street. New York becomes a big fashion center because it is a city of migrants. Different nationality and different culture blend together. It not only accommodates the revolt of the black but also has the forward of Italy. These elements form unique style of America.

The third is Milan. It is the largest industrial and financial center in Italy. At the same time, it is also the commercial center and the traffic hinge in southern Europe. Milan is famous harbor city in the world. It contracts with every country continually. The most important is that it is full of artistic atmosphere. There is a tunnel which can communicate with Paris directly. Therefore, Paris fashion affects the development of Milan fashion. And it becomes a big fashion center in the world.

The forth is London. Air transportation in London is prosperous. There are two airports in London. One is located in the western suburbs of London. This airport is the largest airport in Europe, so there are many people who from all over the world visits there. Due to this geographical position, London becomes a big fashion center in the world.

The fifth is Tokyo. Traffic in Tokyo is convenient. Railway, highway, aviation and ocean shipping form a network extending in all directions. What is more, it is the economic center in Japan. Main companies are set there. Ever kinds of culture blend together and develop. Thanks to this situation, Tokyo becomes a big fashion center in the world.